Margaret Hodge’s Review of the Garden Bridge is a “thorough damnation” of Boris Johnson’s worst vanity project

April 7th, 2017

Responding to today’s publication of Margaret Hodge’s report into the Garden Bridge, Labour London Assembly Member Tom Copley AM, said:

“This is a thorough damnation of what has to be the worst of Boris Johnson’s vanity projects. Given today’s report quite clearly states that it would be better to cancel the project than to risk the potential uncertain additional cost to the taxpayer, this must surely be the final ‎nail in the coffin for the Garden Bridge.

“The Mayor was right to call for a review and to apply transparency to every part of this project, from the flawed procurement process to the question of whether value for money has been achieved.

“We have long questioned Boris Johnson’s decision to fritter away TfL funds on a project that won’t actually deliver any real transport benefits. It’s also apparent that if TfL’s internal processes had been properly applied many of the problems that have plagued this development could have been picked up early on. We’re left with a situation in which too much taxpayers money has already been plunged into a project whose financially viability has so frequently been questioned.

“Even if the Garden Bridge Trust raise the necessary funds for completion, it’s highly questionable they’d raise the revenue needed to meet the maintenance costs. We cannot leave Londoners exposed to the risk of having to pick up the bill. We said this was a development on the verge of collapse, now it’s time to sink it. The Mayor must now refuse to sign the maintenance guarantee and dispel the looming threat of more public funds being squandered on this thing once and for all.”



  • Tom Copley AM is a Londonwide Assembly Member

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