City Hall

The London Assembly holds the Mayor of London to account. Assembly Members question the mayor ten times a year and conduct research into issues affecting London and Londoners. The Assembly and the mayor are both based at City Hall near London Bridge. You can find out more about the Assembly and its work here.

The Assembly conducts much of its work through committees.  I sit on several of these:

You can find out more about the work I am doing at City Hall below:


Estate regeneration ballots 

I have been a long-standing campaigner for ballots on estate regeneration where demolition takes place. In 2015 when I was the Deputy Chair of the London Assembly’s Housing Committee our report, Knock it Down or Do it Up, recommended ballots on regeneration schemes involving demolition. In December 2017 I seconded a motion which was passed unanimously by the London Assembly calling for the Mayor to support ballots in his Good Practice Guide to Estate Regeneration. I was delighted when Sadiq Khan amended his draft guide and required ballots in order for regeneration schemes to receive GLA funding.


Land Value Tax

In 2016 I published Tax Trial which called on the Mayor to seek powers from government to trial a Land Value Tax in part of London. Sadiq Khan referred my recommendations to the London Finance Commission, which included my recommendation in their second report.


Gypsies and Travellers

I have worked closely with London Gypsies and Travellers to campaign for more pitches, and against prejudice and discrimination against the community. There is a shortage of more than 800 pitches across London. I have pressed both Sadiq Khan and Boris Johnson to do more to help the Gypsy and Traveller community. I’m pleased that the new draft London Plan has improved policies relating to Gypsy and Traveller accommodation, but more needs to be done.


Community-led housing

I am a long-standing supporter of community-led housing schemes such as co-operative housing and community land trusts (CLTs). Following representations I made to the Mayor on behalf of the London Assembly Labour Group, Sadiq Khan announced in his first budget that he would establish a community-led housing hub to support groups wishing to deliver community-led housing developments.


Small theatres

In February 2013 I began an investigation on behalf of the London Assembly’s Economy Committee into the challenges facing small theatres in London. The Centre Stage report reveals the findings of this investigation and makes a number of recommendations to the Mayor, Arts Council, local authorities and theatres themselves to help strengthen and grow this vital sector of London’s economy. The report led to the launch of the London Theatres Small Grants Scheme in August 2015.


Reform of the private rented sector

The private rented sector has grown from about ten per cent of properties to more than a quarter of all London properties in under fifteen years, and an increasing number of families are moving into the sector.  Despite this, no reform of tenancies or rents has taken place.  Britain has one of the most deregulated private rented sectors in the world.  In Germany, where nearly sixty per cent of people rent privately, rent regulation and long tenancies provide tenants and landlords with security and stability.  I would like to see such a system implemented in Britain.


Crossrail 2

I have been pushing strongly for the delivery of Crossrail 2 in London.  Crossrail 2, also known as the Chelsea-Hackney line, would provide a much needed south west – north east link.  With Euston station approaching capacity over the next decade Crossrail 2 is vital to alleviate overcrowding at the station.  It would also deliver vastly improved transport connectivity for residents of south west London.