DCLG rebrand won’t help the housing crisis unless adequate funding is made available

January 9th, 2018

Responding to the rebranding of the Department for Communities and Local Government, and the new appointment of Dominic Raab as Minister of State for Housing, Labour’s London Assembly Housing Spokesperson, Tom Copley AM, said:

“If the Prime Minister was intending to give the impression that she is taking the housing crisis seriously by rebranding the department, she has failed. Swapping one housing minister for another after just seven months shows that there is still a revolving door at the department. What we need from the Prime Minister is not a rebrand or a reshuffle but additional funding for affordable housing.

“The Mayor has been clear that we need 66,000 new homes a year to tackle London’s housing crisis but he has not been handed the adequate funding to make that happen. It’s time this government showed they were about more than gesture politics and the only way to do so is by stumping up the cash for the many thousands of genuinely affordable homes we so desperately need.”



  • Tom Copley is a Londonwide Assembly Member