Rent control demands shows City Hall is listening

July 19th, 2019

Responding to the Mayor of London’s demand for powers to bring down rents, Labour’s London Assembly Housing Spokesperson, Tom Copley AM, said:

“London’s millions of renters, sick to the back teeth of exorbitant rents, will be relieved to hear that City Hall is listening and striving to improve their rights.

“For too long Londoners have paid out more and more of their hard-earned cash on ever-increasing rents, with no improvements to conditions or their rights. The Government has sat back and watched that happen, leaving City Hall, yet again, to lead the way.

“With demand in the private rented sector on an upward trajectory, with a third a Londoners expected to rent by the end of this decade, it’s time to catch up with other European cities, such as Berlin, and act to make the private rented sector more stable and affordable for Londoners. The Mayor has the political will to lead this work, but we need the Government to show willing too by granting City Hall the necessary powers to make rent control a reality.”




  • Tom Copley AM is a Londonwide Assembly Member.